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1997 Bounder Water Heater

Phil, thanks for the followup. Problem solved! I replaced the temperature and eco sensor/switch and it runs like New. Fifteen bucks and 20 minutes is a great day on any motor home repair! Take care. Mike

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Subject: Re: 1997bounder water heater

Hi Mike,

Thanks for stopping by MotorHomeAdvice.com……..

Mike, I would bet on either a corroded sensor inside the tank, or a faulty switch that is read from the tank (inside) sensor that is not closing to give voltage to the ignitor. This may vary over different models, but the process should be similar overall.

To take a check on the health of your tank inside you might want to remove the anode rod and see if there is anything left to it. The anode rod is supposed to corrode first taking the acid stuff and protecting the tank from corrosion. The anode rod head is located outside the tank midway from the center to the bottom of the tank. All you will see on the outside is the bolt type head of the anode rod. Turn the head counter clock wise to remove what is left of the anode rod. If the rod hasn’t been changed for years it might be a challenge to remove the rod.

If you can get the rod out you can drain the tank to see if there is a lot of crud toward the bottom of the tank. Open the relief valve at the top of the tank to allow water to flow out the bottom through the rod hole.

Once all this is done you can flush the tank and see if that helps. (leave the anode rod out to flush) I hesitate to tell you what kind of flush to use with the water. You can decide that.

If the water heater shuts itself off after first startup that might indicate that the sensor inside the tank is working. If that is so then it would indicate that the sensor is working and the switch isn’t closing to light the heater. You might want to check the connections on the switch wiring and connectivity to the tank. Those connections are likely to be spade connections. Make sure they are tightly connected and rust free.

The MotorHomeGuy
Subject : 1997bounder water heater
Message Body : Water heater won’t cycle on it’s own. When I first start it up it starts right up and runs fine but won’t start again as hot water is used. If I flip the switch off and back on it starts right up and again heats the water to temperature, shuts off and won’t start again till I do manually and on and on. Any ideas on where to start? Thanks

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