Bucket List Trip Numbers

Just for giggles here are the numbers for dollar cost and miles for our trip:

Miles traveled: 6656

Hours of driving: 137

Average miles per hour: 48.5

Tolls: ~$150 (5 axels)

Gallons of diesel fuel: 795

Average diesel fuel cost per gallon: $2.71

Cost of fuel:$2154

Average MPG: 8.4

We did not deduct the running time (gallons of diesel) for the 12.5 Onan genset or the Hurricane furnace, 12-15 hours, for figuring the overall mileage of the coach.

Number of campgrounds: 33

Number of campground nights: 73

Total cost for campgrounds: $3373

+Food (Restaurants, etc.)

FYI, for trip planning, and record along the way we used, on line. It worked mostly ok but a bit stubborn at times. We would use it again. It’s hard to beat “free”.

The coach performed exceptionally well with no issues at all. The coach is a Country Coach Magna Resort, C-12 (Cat)Engine, 505 HP, 42ft, towing a Jeep Cherokee Up Country 4×4. Coach GCVW ~ 47k lbs

This is the last post on our “Bucket Trip”. We had a blast!!



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  • The MotorHomeGuy October 1, 2017 at 5:38 pm

    Thanks for sharing along the way and the details of the trip.

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    Joe Mann


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