Have internet connection will travel: creating a mobile network In Part I we explored the options for obtaining internet access while traveling by RV, boat or car.  But once you’ve decided what technology to use to connect to the internet, the next question that needs to be answered is how to make that internet connection […]

In today’s “connected” world, not having Internet access while RV’ing is not an option for many people.  Fortunately, today’s RV’ers have a broad array of choices with prices continuing to fall while performance has improved dramatically.  In this first of two articles we will consider the various technologies RV’ers can utilize to stay connected while […]

Lubrication can be a daunting obstacle to someone unfamiliar with its basic concepts. Even someone with experience can be confused by the technology of current machinery combined with the multitude of lubricants. Reviewing a few of the basic principles of lubrication can make it easier to see why proper lubrication is necessary in every application. […]

Knowing what to buy or even knowing what you want to buy can be a very difficult task when considering MotorHome ownership. This is kind of like buying a house and sometimes almost as expensive. Once you buy it it’s yours and there’s no giving it back without great expense. Ever try to give your […]

Work The transference of energy that is produced by the motion of the point of application of a force and is measured by multiplying the force and the displacement of its point of application in the line of action Force Strength or energy exerted or brought to bear; cause of motion or change Foot Pounds […]

For the most part, the answer to this question depends on your background and how you want to go down the road. The majority of novice MotorHomers are most comfortable with the gasoline powered MotorHome. The obvious reason is that almost everyone is familiar with the gasoline-powered engine. “Diesels areok, but . . . .” […]

Before starting be sure to shut off 1) the coach?s 12-volt master switch, 2) the on/off switch located on the Heart Inverter (if you have a Heart) control panel, and 3) the 30 amp circuit breaker switch in the AC control panel that is labeled inverter/converter before removing any battery cables. <br><br> Batteries that are […]

Before turning out of your RV pad for vacation check each item carefully, or just run the checklist for a safeguard measure. It could save you a lot of frustration. Chassis Check fluid levels for proper operating range (oil, power steering, engine coolant, windshield washer, transmission, brake fluid if equipped, etc.). Check coach batteries and […]