I have a pile of receipts and notes to wring out on travels over the past 18 months. The Beaver was a very nice coach that gave good service over 10 years and 55K miles. But I’ve always wanted a Country Coach. Came across this one (picture on our front page). This coach is a […]

Introducing Roadmaster’s Nighthawk™, a non-binding, aluminum alloy tow bar incorporating a jaw-dropping design with embedded LED lights. It includes internally-routed safety cables and power cord, an attractive black matte finish and solid stainless steel inner arms. Nighthawk is Roadmaster’s first tow bar designed for EZ5, MX and MS tow bar mounting brackets, which incorporate the […]

There are several hundred very interesting Reviews from real MotorHome owners on our MotorHome Review page. We invite you to take a look, and to post a Review of your coach as well: MotorHomeReviews There are “comments” on several posts beneath the Review of a coach that you might find interesting.

At the top of our Home Page there are several choices you can select to go to for information. One of the choices is “Directory”. Mouse over “Directory” and you will see a drop down menu. Within the menu you will see 10 items from which you can select. Click on any of these items […]

So as you are getting your coach ready for Spring/Summer fun take a real close look at your tires for cracking, sun wear, and age. This Article on our Articles Page will give you a good run down on checking your tires and tire loading: http://motorhomeadvice.com/tires-dont-last-forever/ And if you don’t already have a Tire Pressure […]

You folks in the Midwest and the Eastern part of the country hang in there. Think about getting out this year and hitting the road in your MotorHome. We have a checklist in our Blog that you can print and modify as you see fit. The “Spring Time Pre-Trip Checklist” is on page two of […]

Over the years I have been using Flying J for my fuel stops. I have the Good Sam/Pilot/Flying J card that life time Good Sam members can apply for. Seems like there is always a problem at these fuel stops with either the card or with the pumps/fuel lanes. Here are examples on my last […]

Have you ever seen a Class A MotorHome with a spare tire mount? A Spare tire mount that will support a 22.5″ tire? You have to check this out! Roadmaster nails it again. This is the perfect solution for carrying your spare tire on that Alaska trip. The tire carrier has a 400 lb capacity, […]

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