Just for giggles here are the numbers for dollar cost and miles for our trip: Miles traveled: 6656 Hours of driving: 137 Average miles per hour: 48.5 Tolls: ~$150 (5 axels) Gallons of diesel fuel: 795 Average diesel fuel cost per gallon: $2.71 Cost of fuel:$2154 Average MPG: 8.4 We did not deduct the running […]

On Monday 09/25/17. What a trip, it all seems like a flash in time, which all things considered, that’s what it is. I will post numbers and costs of the trip, when we get it all added up,  just for the heck of it, and that might benefit some of you for costs of travel. […]

It was a very chilly stay at Fairmont. Snow was predicted for today, and it happened as we were leaving for Missoula. We were hoping the TV weather folks were right in the forecast snow level. They were and once we drove below 5000 ft we just had rain. The amount of snow is not much [...]

Fairmont is about 15 miles west of Butte, Montana. On our way here today we drove in snow while halfway between Helena and Butte on the Continental Divide. The Divide on I-15 is at 6300 ft elevation. This whole area is a great drive with beautiful mountain scenery. If anyone sees this and is going […]

We will spend a couple of nights at the Ft. Harrison Army Post Famcamp while visiting more family in Helena. There were several not so good reviews on this Famcamp and don’t see why. I think it is a very good place with full hookups and a nice view of the mountains around Helena. Ft […]

We thought this would be a good place to experiment with battery life/load with the 4 solar panels on the coach roof. That didn't turn out so good because of weather conditions, no sun to speak of. So with the wind, rain, and cloudy weather and a cold Thursday night we decided to go back [...]
Here we are in the Bozeman/Big Sky area and looking at a big weather change. There is a winter storm watch for the area with possible snow showers. What a weather change! Planning to leave Bozeman tomorrow for a place on the rivers that flow out of Yellowstone. More than likely we will not have [...]

We stopped here on the trip East, So we are back here headed West. Always good to be here with family, and oh my goodness at the good food. The ride here was a ride with head and side winds and many hills. That’s the typical ride here in this neck of the woods. We […]

Another leg done on the trip. We stayed at the same RV park as we did headed East. Should have known better. the place is a huge dust bowl. And apparently exercising no control over where pets do their business. Tomorrow, on the road to Forsyth, Montana, and all the forest fire smoke as we […]