The Library presented a very good history lesson of JFK through his life. Lots of things to see. Lots of reading, explaining in detail of his run for Congress and then for President. I remember exactly where I was standing when he was killed on Nov 22, 1963. I was a 17 year old Air […]

15 miles from Boston. We’re glad to be out of that trashy 1000 Trails Campground in the Cape Cod area. What a dump. This Famcamp is really nice, and we have the Base for shopping. So tomorrow brings a trip to the closest Metro Rail for a ride into Boston and a visit to the […]

It was nice to make a visit to the JFK Museum today in Hyannis, and to Hyannis Port to take a few pics of the Kennedy Compound---quite the place, and lots of history. Our pics don't do justice of the Compound.  We were told pics of it from the ocean are much, much better.  But [...]
Here we are in Rochester, Mass. Took a drive to the end of Cape Cod. Quite an experience. Of course we had to have Cod for lunch. Intend to drive back to Hyannis to visit the JFK Museum on Wed.
Such as it is. The closest RV park to New York City. The NYC skyline is in close view as is the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  Liberty National Park is next door. This is our second real destination. Getting through the last 20 miles was on rough, rough roads and sharp turns on [...]
We did "almost" everything we had planned in Philly, except the US Mint. I wanted to go there for free samples. Yea right......So maybe we will have to go to the Denver mint to take care of that itch. It was a very humbling experience to see the Liberty Bell, and the room where the [...]
Bad roads. Pennsylvania roads (toll) charge you to drive over bad roads. In Wisconsin you can drive over awful roads free. So today we paid $25 to drive on the Pennsylvania Turnpike for about 65 miles. So on the same I-76 we came upon a construction area that wasn't very discriptive in warnings. We hit [...]

Not much to do today except doing things we kept putting off, reorganizing, etc. There has been lots of rain here in the Hershey area since we arrived last week. Another organizing day tomorrow (Tues) and then off to Philly on Wednesday for a day, then to Harbor View, NJ ( Jersey City) across the […]

It was a good day today driving around Amish country, awesome countryside, rolling hills, well manicured farms and lawns in the "Burgs" and  "Ville's" as names of small towns. Some of the towns had really interesting names. See pics.