We are near the home of Amsoil synthetic lube products. We have been using Amsoil in all of our vehicles for 25 years. That includes 5 MotorHomes that we have had over those years. I am also an Amsoil dealer. Along the way through Northern Michigan and a bit of Wisconsin we saw the Fall […]

We are here for Tuesday and Wednesday night leaving Thursday morning for Duluth, Minnesota. It was a fairly nice drive today skirting Lake Superior for quite a ways. Lots of wind off the lake. The drive into Michigan completed our last state on our U.S map on the front slide out of the coach. All [...]
Overnight at the Soo Locks Campground. Where we might see ocean freighters going in and out of the locks on St Mary's River. Driving over the bridge connecting the U.S and Canada was an experience. You get charged $15 for driving over the bridge. That must be the charge for 5 axels.
What a nice ride today on (mostly) the QEW highway around Toronto and then North. The QEW, we found out, is the Queen Elizabeth Way. We are 304 miles North of Niagara Falls, and tomorrow headed West to Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. The campground tonight is called Carol's Campground in Sudbury, Ontario. Beautiful country here [...]
What an experience. A nice walk along the rapids on the Niagara River. and then the boat ride around the Falls. Well, tomorrow we have to move to another RV park. The Jeep issue kind of put us in a scheduling problem. We had not wanted to land in an RV park in Canada for [...]
Wow. What a sight, and what an experience. We didn't do the boat ride today because we want to make this a two day experience. So the boat ride will be tomorrow. Today was an experience through tunnels below the falls.  Awsome!! We also watched the video, and felt the "Going Over the Falls Experience". [...]

Yep, Cuba, NY. We are at a decent, small, RV park with a lot of friendlies and good scenery. Tomorrow we attempt to get to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls and looking forward to the boat ride under the Falls. No pic of the sunrise this morning, too much fog.

This RV park is about 3 miles off I-88 on our way to Niagara Falls. What a fantastic view in what they call mountains here in the Northeast. The elevation of the park is around 1200 ft. In the Northwest they say if the hill isn't over 10k ft then it can't be called a [...]
So we got the Jeep back yesterday (Sat) and took it today for a 320 mile round trip check ride through Hew Hampshire into Vermont. Seems like we're good to go. Tomorrow we head out for Niagara Falls, our last real destination. We have two stops for over nights before we get to the Falls. [...]