It was an ok day at the Gettysburg battlefield area today. Kind of depressing. The battlefield was a large piece of real estate, kind of like a shallow bowl. Pics to follow. Tomorrow we will take a drive in Amish country.
Today we took a drive around the countryside of Harrisburg. I wanted my own picture of a covered bridge. So we did that. There were several more covered bridges further East of us but a covered bridge is a covered bridge. Tomorrow brings a trip to Gettysburg for a look see of more American history.
Well, we did the Museum today. There was a good story explaining how they got started and how Reese's became a part of Hershey. But we weren't very impressed with Hershey's Chocolate World which is a large area, probably the largest candy store in the world. No samples, only stuff for tourist to spend dollars. [...]

So, here we are, just a few miles east of Hershey in a Thousand Trails campground. A very nice place with full hoop-ups, very unusual for a Thousand Trails campground. Tomorrow we go to the Hershey chocolate factory. Maybe ¬†we can leave with a Hershey Bar!!! We are her for several days before going into […]

It was a very good day with going to the Smithsonian of American History. What a place to visit, I think a person could spent an entire day there. Then on to the African American Museum which tells a very good, hard story of the times. Then to the Washington Monument, which is much larger [...]
This was an awesome day . We first stopped by the Smithsonian Post Office Museum. I have often wondered what the "Zip" Code means for our postal location. Not the number but what does "Zip" code mean. Well here you go: "Zip" code means " Zone Improvement Plan". Who knew? Glad we came across that. [...]

Today was kind of a rest day. We drove out to Andrews to see if we could get a look at the AF VIP aircraft fleet. As we drove up to the gate we were greeted with a sign that said: “No Photography”. Well, that took care of that. Tomorrow we want to go to […]

Today was a good day. The Metro kind of shortened the day due to a rail maintenance issue along our route. We saw where my favorite Space Shuttle was in its final place. Discovery, OV-103, was launched 39 times during its service at Kennedy Space Center. Discovery has its own room at the Museum. There [...]
We spent hours walking through this museum. It is an unbelievable collection and display of....just about everything related to Earth's history, explanations of different minerals, the movement of the Earth's continents,and pictures of winning photographers around the world. Also managed to read the history of the Hope Diamond and actually got to see it. Very [...]
Started today with coffee with one of our States Senators, Patty Murray, in the Russell Senate building in her suite. Lots of good discussion. Said good morning to Senator Tim Kaine. Wandered around a bit and stopped at the Lincoln Memorial. Then had lunch at the Old EBBITT GRILL across the street from the White [...]