We are pleased to announce that EPDM Coatings has joined our list of advertisers. EPDM Coatings offers roof coating solutions for your MotorHome. Read more about them on our Articles page: Your MotorHome Roof. They offer an excellent one coat product that not only gives years of roof protection but also with its shinny white […]

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Well here we go again. This time with air leaks on the coach suspension. The coach wouldn’t stay level for more that 10-12 hours after parking. In fact it would have a hard lean to the passengers side after that time period. So back to the fix-it place where they found several air leaks on […]

Another JOMHO event (Joys of MotorHome Ownership), and another occasion to visit a repair center. This time the primary repair was the electric footrest on the Co-Captain’s chair. That could be a big deal on a 14 year old MotorHome. Beaver Coach Sales and Service in Bend, Oregon was on my route South, so I […]

We are receiving huge numbers of e-mails asking about buying MotorHomes. I thought by placing one of our Articles on our Blog that our site visitors would have easy access to information you might want to consider first. ENJOY!! Knowing what to buy or even knowing what you want to buy can be a very […]

I recently noticed a “funny” with my 2000 watt Heart inverter on our 2000 Beaver MotorHome. The inverter wouldn’t keep the coach and chassis batteries charged above 12.3 volts unless I reset the “charge” function on the inverter monitor panel. The inverter charge system would then charge above 13 volts and after a while would […]

Tending to our holding tanks is not at the top of our short lists as favorite things to do, especially dumping them. When performing the following you are encouraged to use disposable gloves. And notice the word “disposable”. Do NOT use the same gloves you used for the holding tank when working with your fresh […]