I love my American Cruiser. It’s perfect for a couple to travel all over no matter the temp outside. I find that my RE2000 came with everything we could ever need perfectly designed for tall people who like all the luxuries of a huge RV but want to park in a regular parking lot space […]

We really love our American Cruiser. Its small enough that you can use it like a care without worry about parking it most of the time. It has everything in it that a person needs. I pull an 7×12 enclosed MC trailer behind it sometimes and I only get 9 mpg. It average 11.5 mpg […]

I just signed the papers to purchase a 2000′ RE 2000 American Cruiser. First, it is beautiful! I pick it up this Friday. In the brochure it says it is “Four Season Internal Water System”. Does that mean I do not have to winterize the RV? Thank you in advance for anyone’s advice.

The American Cruiser is GREAT. It’s just the Dodge quirks that are annoying!Just returned from a trip from Fayetteville, NC to San Antonio round trip and have a diagnosis of I believe a faulty exhaust gasket causing use of 5 qts. of oil per 1000 miles. It appears to be a common problem with this […]

American Cruiser “Landscape” model on Ford E-250 Super-Duty chassis, w/BFG Commercial TA radials. Fully self-contained including Onan MicroLite generator, microwave, TV, hot water heater, AC/DC/LPG refrig, shower, commode, LPG heater, and 12000 BTU Air. Separate black and grey water tanks. Small enough to navigate and park almost anywhere. Zooms down the interstate at 75mph (or […]

I just bought a 1999 American Cruiser class “B” 20ft. motorhome (2 months ago w/ 34,000 miles). It is the most well built, functional RV I have ever owned. A lot packed into a small package! I love day camping / surfing at the beach and this vehicle is ideal for such usage. High quality […]

According to the former GM of American Cruiser, they produced less than 20 of the dually models before going out of business. Stripped lugs and studs on the factory installed aftermarket hubs and dually adapters were found when rotating wheels. Had to replace the original adapters with an Arrowcraft Magnum adapter. Also replaced the aftermarket […]

While American Cruiser is now built by another company, the one I got was very well built, durable, and everything on it is perfect. I don’t know how they packed so much in so little space. We looked at the Roadtrek, but found the American Cruiser as well built, for much less.