I’m 6’6″, and the Barth is one of a very few that I can stand up inside. After looking at many RV’s this older barth is built better than most newer RV’s, and I looked for months. Now, 1 year later, it has served me well. Only normal maint issues, tires, brakes, exhaust leak. Runs […]

This Barth sat for 9 years in Houston Tx, but saw action in Pennsylvania for years before that. It had rust on the steel frames that attach to the aluminum skins. It took some welding, to repair these areas. Also, the systems needed fixing as many things did not work. But the body was/is in […]

My 1973 Barth Motor home has always drawn a lot of attention. Not because its pretty, but because of the quality of materials and workmanship that went into the production of the vehicle. It was built with an aircraft aluminum exterior, so it never rusts, and its light weight. The wall studs are metal (not […]

Our Barth is solid as a rock. Motor aid, hot water, two motor aid furnaces, all aluminum .060 thich with welded aluminum semi-monoque frame. “solid” tongue and groove cherry wood. Center twin bet floor plan with large rear bath with big wardrobe with mirrors. “WE LOVE OUR BARTH” www.barthmobile.com

It’s great to have an aluminum tank that you don’t have to worry about delamination. No rubber roof to patch. Barth like Dusenburg built the very best. It’s a shame all coaches aren’t built this good. I’ve found this out after owning some real duds over the years. My old Barth is built tighter than […]

Well we actually just bought our Barth, and we are getting ready to take our first journey in it from Phx, AZ to Tampa, FL. with 3 adults and 4 dogs!! But so far, this is what we think: It may have those ’70 colors, but then again, the ’70’s weren’t that bad! It has […]