This is the most powerful coach I’ve seen in the Class A MotorHome class. The horsepower to weight ratio is the best there is….If you can find one of these coaches you won’t be sorry regarding the quality and the robust drive train.

The Patriot Thunder series of motorhomes first appeared in the 1999-2000 timeframe and appear to have been an effort to create a vehicle with more than the typical motorhome driving and performance attributes. By combining the power of the C-12 engine Beaver installed in its Marquis series coaches with the lighter weight Magnum “C” chassis […]

We purchased our first diesel pusher the Beaver Monterey. Everything from the hardwood floors to the corrian counter tops is top quality. The air suspension makes it a pleasure to drive even in high winds and the Catipillar Diesel Fuel Injected Turbo Charged Engine is amazing. Great power and decent fuel economy and Catippiler has […]

After pulling a travel trailer with a crew cab full bed truck for years, the Beaver is like driving a Lincoln. The CAT 3208T starts and runs flawlessly. The solid oak cabinets are exceptional quality. The Marquis is a very solid vintage machine.

I’ve owned this coach since 2001 and I purchased it used. I’ve traveled extensively around the United States, Alaska and Canada on good roads and bad. The coach is more reliable than most cars. Other than some minor electrical problems, the coach has been problem free. My clear coat is also starting to peel on […]

My coach is now 21 years old and still looks immaculate on the inside. Exterior has some clear-coat peel thanks to being in the sun for the last 13 years (thank my city.) I wish the new Beavers were built half as well. Maybe they are with Monaco now owning them. I wish the Gillig […]

I owned a Beaver Motor home produced in 1979. The unit had very few miles on it when I purchased it. I added an awning (Carter) and a Generator. The engine power of the 440 Dodge was very good. My complaint was that it may have had an attractive layout and pretty colors but there […]

Can’t store coach without having it plugged in to keep start batteries charged.. after 1 week start batteries are DEAD, DEAD, DEAD…..Beaver says can’t modify, without voiding warranty…. WHAT A STUPIED DESIGN.. all it would take is an on/off switch at batteries… factory service says take a cable off, switch would be simpler and safer……

I rate it a 4 only because of the newer coaches and todays technology, other wise it would be a 5. This is one of the last years of the original Beaver coaches before Beaver was bought by Safari. It is well built, powerful, and very dependable. I had the HP increased by adding an […]