If you haven’t explored owning a Bluebird do yourself a favor and at lease look and drive one. They a quality act. After owning one I’d never go back to the imatation buses.

A Blue Bird is an amazing coach. It is my 4th personal coach. I have also sold motorhomes years ago. My parents owned 3 including a Newell. The Bird is by far the best built and best value on the market today. The redundancy built in is fantastic. The components were the best available when […]

I started looking for my first RV a few months ago. We planned to full-time, so a large class A was a top prority. Someone pointed me to the Bluebird Wanderlodge. I now own a 1995 “wide body diagonal aisle” model. It has been well cared for and has only a few maintenance issues for […]

Our 1960 Blue Bird was converted from school bus to rv in late sixties – the man who did this did a wonderful job as it was state of the art for its time and still holds up. When we saw her we knew we had to have her and have not regretted a moment. […]

I opted for a non slide and all steel coach so ended up with a Blue-Bird. I have seen the fiberglass coaches all broken up after a roll over. The slides also take away from the structural cage in a roll over, so if you travel a lot like me, then forget the slides. If […]

I have owned seven coaches since 1970. I doubt that any of them are still on the road except my Blue Bird. Do yourself a real big favor, look at Blue Bird Wanderlodge real hard, even if you have a small budget there is a Bird for you. A good used Bird in my opinion […]