All steel construction. Fully independent 4 wheel suspension. Front wheel drive. 65% to 35% front to rear weight ratio. Safety rating second to none. Best engineered and best built motor home ever.

Brother has a Cortez, parked in backyard. It’s in good shape and runs. He’s looking for a manual. Anyone out there have one they’re willing to part with or copy. Happy to pay whatever it’s worth for a manual or a quality copy. thanks in advance.

I’m on my second Cortez. We traded because my wife likes the newer floor plan. All steel construction, 4 wheel independent suspension, front wheel drive. Fully self contained. Although they are more than 25 years old, there are a lot of them still around. Go anywhere, park anywhere. It is not much harder to drive […]

I have had my Cortez since about 96. For most of that time I drove it about 3-4 days a week but the last 3 yrs it has become a restoration project. It is a heavy vehicle but drives like a sports car. Even with the Olds 403 I would surprise many cars. People who […]

the cortez is one of the finest motorhomes of it’s time 4wheel suspension low to the ground..park anywhere (8’wide 10.5 hi 21′ long) flat floor, nice floor plan (both models) i’m too old to drive.. but i would recommnd to the younger group you can find one at the numerous clubs around the country SAVE […]