During the 1st year, Damon stands behind its warranty. After that, they hide behind it. The Faux leather seats throughout the coach..driver & passenger chairs and 2 couches peeled like a sunburn in July. The coach was hardly used with only 5,000 miles put on it. The faux leather was known to be defective (glue […]

I’m writing this review again because they have even found a way to keep bad reviews off the net. This vehicle has been a nightmare and a wallet consumer since I bought it. I lost $30,000 when I drove it off the lot in addition to the $20,000 I bought it under list. Dealers now […]

First I will say that the manufacturer will do everything in their power to satisfy their customers. However the workmanship and design are poor at best. All vent covers and shower skylight are clear. Florida sun beats through and A/C units can’t keep up. All shades are dual light blocking, however the front windshield drapes, […]

I like the coach, Damon has supported it well but we live in it full time so repairs are very inconvienent, at 7000 miles I have had leaks around shower, 2 cracked tiles in kitchen, hot water heater door fell off (twice, second time was dealer installed), auto transfer switch relay failed (I wired around, […]

Look, we bought this in 2007, so it was 12 years old already. It had been in a soft wreck, but the coach survived with a little help. No leaks, no real problems, unless you count the transmission, the Ford EOD is a works/does not work transmission, but the Limp Home Mode gets you off […]