Bought new. Unknown to us was they ran nails up through the entire length of the passenger slide. This took months to leak as with each rainfall, the roof would delaminated a little more until it reached the edge. Could not see damage due to slide roof cover. Customer relations department is nothing more than […]

I notice a couple reviews where listed gas milage is 8 to 10 MPG. I have a 36S with tandom and only get 5.8 at best towing a SL2 Saturn (small). Haven’t tested with Aura yet. We only have 14,000 miles on the vehicle we bought new in N0v 1996 so maybe milage will get […]

This site has a poor upkeep. I dont know if anyone even follows the reviews or not, but here goes. I really like my MH. other than a few fit and finish things, it seems to be right and tight. There are a few minor flaws, like screws not seated all the way, and the […]

In October 2006 we traded our 2005 Bounder gas model for a new 2007 Fleetwood Discovery 39S model. Since we left LazyDays, where we purchased the RV, we have spent one night in the coach. A fuse blew during presale inspection, and it was replaced. Unfortunately, that same fuse continues to blow, and we cannot […]

Never again will I own a fleetwood product. The headaches associated with my new 2000 Discovery are too many to mention. Just name it and it went wrong. A few examples: 2 rear ends in 24k miles – electrical never did work right. Noisy ride – Fleetwood refused me service when I complained. A real […]

For the first time I can recall, we went to an RV show yesterday, and found nothing we would trade for, some, priced considerable higher than our original price. Unbelievable style and beauty, (inside and out) very reliable, great power, and nearly every resonable option. We have had an LED burn out in the light […]

This is our first class A and it really is above our old class C.With a breaking system on the saturn I don’t know it is there.The 10 miles per gal.(imperial gal.),is a pleasent surprise to us.Did 3 weeks in Canadian Maritimes this summer with 2 ten year olds&3 adults and still did not run […]

this is the worst motorhome ever made Made by R Vision. windshield popping out, both sides. Had it for 6 months 3 was in the shop. water leaks everywhere all pipes leaked so did the roof. Counter tops warped, Constant electrical problems. cought on fire do to electic. water heater leaked I lost about $25,000.00 […]

Bought the Fleetwood Revolution from Bretz in Missoula Montanna the first week in June 2003,good Dearlership but could have known there product a little better.Prep was fair with 5qts. of over fill in the crankcase didn’t make me very happy, the tow vehicle was a mess.Now the motor home,many items were on the unit that […]

Took 2 yrs to get set up nicely, but are happy with the results. Might conceivably buy another if Fleetwood improves. But check out for the roughly 100 things you’ll need to deal with, along with workarounds.