Just got it, not much info, still renovating…has thick sheet aluminum roof over formed steel girders, some leaking, some sagging, but only wood is around A/C hatches (as filler)so no mold or mildew, just some rust through below sides of FG front cap not bad for 38 yrs old

I’ve had for 5 years, Brand new 383 stroker motor, Paint Custom exhaust, tires, stainless wheel inserts! Awesome Motorhome… Runs like a dream, People at the campgrounds love this thing! I have many hours of time invested in this beast but it’s just so cool and best of all, It’s paid for!

I’ve owned two. The 1st, I drove cross country and enjoyed, the second, I drove through over 40 states and always rode in comfort. Minor mechanical repairs were always made easier thanks to engineering with servicability in mind. I visited Evergreen Alabama (where they were manufactured) and met the designer, Emmett Dale. I have seen […]