Love Big Blue Put 10,000 miles from California to Virginia and the only problem I caused it. Steps /parked to close to curb. Have kept it serviced and it continues to run very well/ Will buy a newer one soon

Have owned Horatio for 3 years. Everything works well, summertime park managers in Europe. Last year in Italy. Quiet and comfy, does not like some of the winding roads. Lots of living space. Our mobile apartment. Have travelled all over with it. Cheap servicing

Although it looks good at first glance,when i got it home and looked closer i was shocked. Im only going to mention a few things because the list is to long.Dash a/c not working,slide out hanging up,wire looms exposed over tire,underbelly water barrier made of paper,awning hanging up,front driver seat hit slide so you have […]

We have been very happy with this Motorhome, no big problems and have had it for 5 years and it now has 95,000 mi’s. We are on the road at this time after retirement. We are looking for class “A” only to have more room and I can’t help but look at a Holiday Rambler […]

We just LOVE our HR Neptune. It has 2 pop outs and is the perfect size for towing and the milage surprised us. We purchased our HR at De Martini’s RV in Sacramento and they were wonderful to work with and we highly recomend them. This 32ft diesel is easy to manuver and they should […]

Sterring sheel and column shake all the time.Real bad when you hit a bump. Put more miles on it driving to repair shops and the dealer. Its a 2003 but its supposed to be new..People DONT buy one untill you test drive on. Learned my Lesson.

Both slides started to leak the first day it rained along with numerous other leaks. Took two years to solve the problem. The brakes failed and all components had to be replaced.The front end was badly out of alignment and wore the two front tires down to the steel treads. The engine had a oil […]

I’ve had my coach for 3 1/2 yrs now and lived in it full-time for 2 of those years as a travel nurse. You become very intuned with your coach when you live in it full-time and I have been very pleased with all aspects and the design of mine. Previous owners weren’t very caring […]