Roadtrek makes several small, attractive RVs. They are compact and can go places larger RVs may not be able to. After shopping around for over a year, I finally ordered a Roadtrek 210 Popular from RV Direct. RV Direct advertises heavily on the internet and has relatively low prices when compared to sticker prices at […]

I was wondering if any one else owns a Lexington and how they like it.We only got it and went on one trail ride and really pulls trailer well.Am not sure about the gas mileage.Will evaluate that one or two trips later.Might have to get a smaller 2 horse trailer ,could be a bit overweight […]

After 10 years of bieing trailer trash (Prowler 5th wheel) I finaly talked my wife into a motorhome. Bieng a multi generation trailer girl, this came with many battles including having to buy a “temporary” unit to try the idea out, on the promise of “if it did’nt work out, we could sell it losing […]

We finally decided to take the plunge and purchase and RV after months of shopping around. The Class A Diesel Pushers were WAY too big for us first timers and the used coaches were WAY too scary maintenance-wise and the whole idea was appalling when it came to gas mileage. So we decided to invest […]

I can’t say enough good things about my Xplorer 228. I love the compact, space-saving design and the fact that it’s so easy to work on. Easy to park and drive too. It’s based on a Dodge B350 van so parts are readily available. Interior parts are all first class too. I really like having […]

I purchased this 1 year ago. it had 35000 miles on it and now has 42000. ihave really not had any problems other than tiny little things that if i had more knowledge could have been eliminayed. everything in the home works and looks great. it really doesn’t show much aging at all for being […]

In 1992 I bought a 1987 Newell 40′ motorhome with 45,000 miles. I sold it in 1997 with 125,000 miles and incurred depreciation of 25% for the 5 year period; 5% depreciation per year ain’t bad! I loved the coach; the only problems that I had were with appliances. I bought my second Newell in […]

At first glance, this RV (Jayco C-Class 32′) is beautiful. It had everything we were looking for: spacious, nicely decorated interior, roomy and it seemed that every detail was well thought out. Unfortunately, only the face of this $70K unit was beautiful. Just about everytime we took this unit out, we had to return it […]

good ride easy to drive & park. have 10,000 miles mileage is 12/13. radio is aftermarket sanyo not a G.M. delco,cd ok radio reception is worst i have ever had,can,t read face & bottons small & hard to use