I bought a 1972 Revcon motorhome last Oct. for $3500. It’s in excellent conditiion. My girlfriend and I live in it and love everything about it. I’m wondering if there is any place to buy parts other than Marty Moore’s. I am looking for hubcaps for my little beauty.

I went everywhere with it,and still have it. nicknamed silver bullet raised two kids on weekends and vacations in it.priceless!90 mph on open road and wind gust no problem. Exterior needs custom paint to look new, a classic before its time. Id like to see if I can Fabricate a roll-out area.The original Michilens all […]

The first time I spent a night in my Revcon in deep snow and sub freezing temps. I was very aprehensive. All for no reason. I stayed toasty warm and woke up next morning with plenty of flowing water instead of Ice. Many pof my fellow campers had to wait until their units and the […]

My 1972 is fully equipped. It has a bath area w/ shower and sink, sleeps five, television w/ cable capability, DVD player, fridge, stove/oven, kitchen sink, coffee maker, microwave, electric can opener. Aircraft aluminum provides a tight, non-leak stable overall enclosure. Propane furnace, Onan A/C and generator provide on-board comfort year round. Lighting, fans, electrical […]

I purchased this unit about 4 years ago. I like the idea that it still looks current on the road and not very many on the road. I have modifed the overhead console, headlight and added solar panels. I have added odds and ends after every visit to a RV show.

Revcons, designed and built by mr. Airstreams nephew, are the best cost/value/quality unkown sleepers on the planet. All aluminum, high dollar, designed around the Olds Toronado FWD package (scares people off…if they only knew!!) Totally self contained, built like heavy duty aircraft, ride and handle like a wet dream. If you’re in the market for […]

Probably one of the best-built motorhomes ever made – Aircraft aluminum exterior, frame and interior walls. If you are unfamiliar with this brand, it is similar in concept to a GMC only allot higher quality. It originally sold for $110K new back in ?83. This is a front wheel drive unit. It uses a standard […]

We have a 30′ Revcon, love the style,ride,etc.,we are planning on selling it in order to purchase one with a permanent full size bed. This has the twin beds (makes a queen size bed,couch makes a bed.It is fully equipped.