Cummins Diesel-Excellent-This model has a huge engine usually in a 38-40′, flies up hills even when towing. Alyson Transmission-Sper, perfect operation. The Home part…….UGH! Took 2+ years to work the bugs out… Monaco purchased Safari in the middle of these 4 (one in each color) models manufacture. But now we have our bugs worked out….Fabulous […]

This was my ultimate choice (no slide necessary, because layout is so good) after looking at over 3000 units in the web and in person. Almost 10 years after manufacture, everything works and is very well thought out. Tons of goodies (inverter to run toaster or microwave when dry camping at the local Walmart, ONE […]

The Cheeta is in need of a dseigner. It is a piece of junk. BUY ANYTHING USED BEFORE THIS PIECE OF CRAP. I am so surprized that Monaco would let something like this come out of their factory.Too MANY things to list!

The Trek is a very nice design with the electro magic bed (comes down from the ceiling). The fuel milege is great. We get 12-13 towing a geo tracker. The GM diesel could use a bit more power and the P-30 chassis is a bit short in the handling. But even at that we like […]

Overall very satisfied with our Zanzibar. Had an overheating problem at first along with a few other problems. All covered by warranty with no hassles. Safari has been very supportive, and solved the overheating problem with a larger fan and pulley. Now it cruises at full power in 117 degree heat without any problems at […]