One of our site visitors needs help with buying the appropriate tires for his coach. If you can help, comment below. Name : Mel Subject : Tire Advice and Opinion Message Body : I am needing some tire advice and opinions I need to purchase 6 new tires for my Four Winds Hurricane 31D GVWR […]

  From: TJ Date: Tuesday, June 23, 2015 at 5:08 PM To: The MotorHomeGuy Subject: Re: Mountain travel Good tip! TJ Tue, Jun 23, 2015 at 1:17 PM -0700 “The MotorHomeGuy” wrote: BTW, if you have hookups where you are going you won’t need a lot of water in your fresh water tank…….water is ~8 […]

Name : John Subject: Thor Hurricane on workhorse chassis with V8 chevy 8.1 engine. MY RV makes two loud honks when I reach 55 miles per hour, is this a speed warning or something else, It does mention anything in the hand book. It is a 2006 model. CAN ANYONE HELP WITH THIS?

Hi Bobbie, Thanks for stopping by…….. Bobbie, if there is a solid “mound” in the tank it might require a professional spray/steam flush out with moderate pressure. Depends how solid the mound is. Some folks empty a few bags of ice into the tank and drive around for several miles so the ice can […]

Hi Copson, Thanks for stopping by…… It is my understanding the Coachman RV has absorbed Georgia Boy. Here is a link to their customer service page: Phil The MotorHomeGuy Subject: Certificate of Conformity Hi, You have a new contact request Name : Copson Subject : Certificate of Conformity Message Body : Hi there, […]

Hi Wendell, Thanks for stopping by…….. So your coach doesn’t have two starting batteries? Unusual for a diesel. If you want to connect two 12 volt batteries for your starting batteries you will want to hook them up in parallel and not series. When you connect in series you double the voltage. When you […]

Phil, thanks for the followup. Problem solved! I replaced the temperature and eco sensor/switch and it runs like New. Fifteen bucks and 20 minutes is a great day on any motor home repair! Take care. Mike Phil The MotorHomeGuy Subject: Re: 1997bounder water heater Hi Mike, Thanks for stopping by…….. Mike, I would bet […]