Hi Wendell, Thanks for stopping by MotorHomeAdvice.com…….. So your coach doesn’t have two starting batteries? Unusual for a diesel. If you want to connect two 12 volt batteries for your starting batteries you will want to hook them up in parallel and not series. When you connect in series you double the voltage. When you […]

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We frequently receive questions from people in the US wanting information on the use of MotorHomes while on vacation in Europe as well as Europeans wanting to know the rules and regulations of MotorHome use in their own countries. Claire McEvoy of the UK was kind enough to provide us with the following info on […]

If you have hydraulic brakes it’s a good idea to change your brake fluid every couple years. Hard braking on hill and mountain grades can cause the fluid to boil. Subsequent cooling can result in condensation forming within your brake system, decreasing braking effectiveness.

In-motion satellite dishes are getting more affordable. So why would you want an in-motion dish? Installed through your stereo system you have the luxury of listening to the CD channels via satellite, or someone can watch soaps, or you can listen to TV programs while driving, or the kids can be entertained, or any guy […]

I have had numerous questions regarding power enhancement products for MotorHome engines. You may have read on different pages of our site about the Gale Banks products. I have to say again, these guys know their stuff. Take a look at the “About” page and read about my experience with the Banks Stinger they installed […]

Periodic maintenance is one of the most important things we can do to insure extended life of our coaches. Pay attention to the owners manual especially for the chassis and engine. All coaches, high-line or others, require particular attention to fluid and filter changes. Change fluids at the manufacturers recommended intervals. Pay particular attention to […]