Fuel Stop Comments, Good/Not So Good

Over the years I have been using Flying J for my fuel stops. I have the Good Sam/Pilot/Flying J card that life time Good Sam members can apply for. Seems like there is always a problem at these fuel stops with either the card or with the pumps/fuel lanes. Here are examples on my last road trip in my SUV towing a trailer:

-Fuel stop, Flying J, Post Falls, Idaho. Pump receipt dispenser would not work. This is a very common problem with Flying J.

-Fuel Stop, Flying J, Missoula, Montana. 18 wheeler in the RV lane. Left his truck in the lane after fueling and made 3 trips from his truck to the store. I was in plain sight several yards if front of him. I had to go to a pump that doesn’t take my Flying J card. How inconsiderate for a trucker to do this.

Fuel stop- Flying J, Rocker, Montana. Pump receipt dispenser would not work.

Fuel stop, (return trip) Flying J, Missoula, Montana. Pump receipt dispenser would not work.

Fuel stop-Flying J, Post Falls. Card reader would not read my card.

Pretty frustrating.

Comments on your experiences, good and not so good?

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  • susan March 2, 2015 at 3:40 am

    I am with you. I have the same thing happen every time I have been at a flying J. I have to cancel my card at the pump. Food is bad, to much fast food. Pumps don’t work. Lost a fuel cap at the last trip, because of all the mess. Just try not to go there .

    Thanks Susan.

    • mike steward March 3, 2015 at 5:49 pm

      thank you for this information my friend. I won’t ever go there again.


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