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Holding Tank Issues

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Bobbie, if there is a solid “mound” in the tank it might require a professional spray/steam flush out with moderate pressure. Depends how solid the mound is. Some folks empty a few bags of ice into the tank and drive around for several miles so the ice can break apart built up solids.

As for Happy Camper I have been using the product for over 10 years and I am very satisfied with it. I have had no problems, no odor, easy to use. I use Happy Camper in both holding tanks and dump at the full mark. Of course you don’t want to drive around with that much waste in the tanks but if you are parked for a while it gives the “bugs” a chance to do their work all around the inside of the tanks.

A friend of mine had the insides of his tanks “pressure washed” a while back and is satisfied with the results.

Happy Camper comes in several sizes of tub type containers. Here is a link to the Happy Camper product: https://www.5starhappycamper.com

On the right bottom of their Home Page you will see a new product that might take care of your problem.

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Subject: holding tank buildup


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Name : Bobbie

Subject : holding tank buildup
Message Body : I would like more info on the Happy Camper product for our black holding tank. Have been told there is a “mound” in it and would like to break it up and flush.Thank You

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  • Mark Cassell May 17, 2016 at 2:26 pm

    One suggestion and a solution:
    Always leave about 10 gallons of water in the black tank to dissolve solids. Even after draining add back 10 gallons. Some unit’s.plumbing route into the black tank creates a “pyramid”. (Checking for drastic angles or long black pipe routing should be part of the purchasing check list). Again the 10 gallons should break down the concentration.

    More campers have had this problem than will admit it. First if your unit has an external black tank flush system (check manual for which hose attachment is the wash out) Try putting water into tank at lower pressures and drain the tank into the proper disposal. Then try a little more water pressure until you see removal,

    Beware; It is possible to overflow water into the RV and to have too much water pressure trying to flush the “pyramid”.Worst case take your colored garden hose (not the white one for drinking water) and add water through the toilet (have to hold the valve open) and wash away the concentration. Obviously check the water level regularly to solve the problem before it becomes risky business. And retrain the family on proper RV toilet use. If possible let time, chemicals and a half full black tank soften the “pyramid”. Yes, driving a while with ice cubes dumped down the toilet does work. But when the toilet is blocked no one is happy.

    I learned this lesson dry camping in the Tetons at the beginning of an 11 week Alaska trip. Key is having a black water disposal option.

    This is one of the many things learned on the path to seeing the world by RV. Stay observant and enjoy.


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