Meet My New Friend: The Country Coach Magna

I have a pile of receipts and notes to wring out on travels over the past 18 months. The Beaver was a very nice coach that gave good service over 10 years and 55K miles. But I’ve always wanted a Country Coach. Came across this one (picture on our front page). This coach is a 2003 model year that is 95% of like new condition. I know I paid top dollar, but it’s worth it. The Cat C-12 is a power house with 505 HP and 1550 ft lbs of torque. It consistently delivers 8-8.5 MPG with my Jeep Cherokee in tow. I am a MPG miser using the Silver Leaf engine monitor to watch rolling MPG, engine temp, tranny temp, and real time torque. I can adjust the MPG in wind or hill climbing conditions instantly with my foot on the fuel pedal. This allows for better MPG as well as adjusting engine/tranny temps.

The coach has a tag axel. I have always been a naysayer regarding a tag axel thinking why have a tag that weighs 6k lbs and two more tires for more rolling resistance for a coach 2-5 ft longer than a non tag at 40 ft. Now I say I will never have a coach without a tag. The tag gives the coach not only greater carrying capability but also rock solid handling down the road. I drive the coach at 62-65 MPH.

The coach has a good margin in terms of HP to weight ratio. My rule of thumb: you should have 100 HP for each 1000k of weight you want to move, including your tow. So this coach loaded weighs ~42k lbs + 3800 lbs with the Jeep tow for a 45,800 lb total. 505 HP-45,800k lbs of total load leaves a margin of  (505-458)=47 hp.

I use synthetic lube throughout the driveline: TranSynd in the tranny, Amsoil 15/40 in the Cat engine, and synthetic grease in the differential.

(I love it)

More posts will follow, covering the 12,00 miles I’ve put on the coach since purchasing it about 15 months ago, 11 of those months in my garage. (Trips to: Louisiana, Oregon, Montana, California, Oregon)

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