Bad roads. Pennsylvania roads (toll) charge you to drive over bad roads. In Wisconsin you can drive over awful roads free.

So today we paid $25 to drive on the Pennsylvania Turnpike for about 65 miles. So on the same I-76 we came upon a construction area that wasn’t very discriptive in warnings. We hit a bridge that had a “bump” of 3-4 inches difference between the road to bridge transition. I managed to slow to about 45 mph but the ‘bump” make the coach sound like the front end was breaking off.

So at the “RV” park I happened to notice that the Jeep (tow) front wheels weren’t turning as the coach turned. When I stopped at the “park’ I noticed that the left front tire was trashed. Apparently the bridge transition “bump” stressed the front end alignment of the Jeep to the extent that the tire was trashed over the 30-40 miles into Philly.

So we spent the afternoon looking for a tire that matched the other 3-Toyo brand tires. No luck. Se we had AAA take the spare Toyo and replace the left front. Then we bought a Goodyear for a spare.

We still need to have the front end aligned……..somewhere tomorrow.

Pics show a pink front end loader in Hershey that the navigator ┬áseemed to like. And then a pic of our prime RV spot in Philly—the only RV “Park” close to the city, which is a park and ride with electricity and water.

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  • Carole Grimsley August 10, 2017 at 7:11 pm

    We live in the MD area and use I 70 to go west. We avoid the PA turnpike at all cost. terrible dangerous and expensive. If you go back in the middle of the country go I68 to Morgentown and then up to Ohio to I70


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