The Money Pit

At first glance, this RV (Jayco C-Class 32′) is beautiful. It had everything we were looking for: spacious, nicely decorated interior, roomy and it seemed that every detail was well thought out. Unfortunately, only the face of this $70K unit was beautiful. Just about everytime we took this unit out, we had to return it to the dealer for repairs. Just to name a few of the issues: the head board fell off the bed, the water pump would over-heat causing all of the water in the tanks to overflow to relieve the pressure, all 4 of the rear tires blew, the pocket door that separated the bathroom from the livingroom/kitchen fell off the track, the black sealant in the basement melted and leaked all over everything in the storage space, the fuse box keeps blowing because of a crossed wire (somewhere)and as if that is not enough…we now have an issue with the cab separating from the rest of the unit. Fortunately this unit has been under warranty everytime we have had an issue, but now that the warranty has run out, this lemon will now cost us money to use it. Each time we took it to the dealer for repairs, it was either caulked, taped or screwed to half-a** correct the problem. Not only has the dealer not been very helpful, but Jayco has not been very helpful in getting this unit to perform properly for the money we invested. If you are in the market for an RV and are looking at a Jayco…buyer beware! Stay away from this one. It’s more trouble than it’s worth.

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